Lauri has the ability to walk into your home and turn it into a show place. She understands her clients and makes the transformation feel like a home well done and not a museum. I love walking in every night! I have a beautiful home and a beautiful friend.

- Maureen (& Joe) Galetto

My wife and I worked with Lauri on both the design and decorating aspects of our home in Hinsdale. She was terrific to work with! As an interior designer, she was able to work with our architect and contractors to improve on many original ideas, including lighting, traffic flow and space utilization. As a decorator, we found her to be great at understanding our family's needs. The result has been a house that has great continuity in its feel, with unique elements throughout. Lauri was always willing to work with our tastes while still encouraging us to incorporate new ideas, which we love.

We now have a great home that feels and works great. Lauri was a very big part of that, and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

- Brent (& Sharon) Coan

Lauri has helped our family through many design projects, starting with our Family Room. We then continued with gutting the Kitchen and Powder Room. The entire First Floor was transformed with Lauri's help. The Second Floor Bathrooms were both completely redone as well as the Master Bedroom! If all that was not enough, we then had Lauri's help in gutting and remodeling our condo in the city.

What we like most about Lauri is her ability to listen to our ideas and concerns. She does not try to impose her ideas and taste on the client. Lauri understood our likes and dislikes and was able to lead us to the right sources. We have enjoyed a good working relationship with the contractors she has brought onto each job. We also know we can call Lauri for follow-up with projects and questions on repair and maintenance.

All in all, we could not be happier with her services!

- Laura & Russ Karlins

Unique to our relationship is that you have done two different styles of very traditional homes - one a very large South Barrington Colonial home that we completely redid and upgraded, and the other mansion, which is our present home, as well as two of our Offices - one of which was on a bit of a budget, and you did a very nice job, and the new Office which integrated many design elements and makes everyone comfortable with great colors and shapes. And then dramatically shifting, you designed an upscale, elegant, and very stylishly finished Penthouse on Michigan Avenue.

The beauty of all this shows your versatility in being capable of designing virtually any style with flair and class, whereas other designers basically work with just one style.

- Dr. Robert (and Cindy) Gallee

Our home started out as a blank canvas and Lauri's vision, her creativity and her spirit brought it to life, turning it into a beauutiful art form that represents our family and our lifestyle completely. It's classic, yet modern; it's elegant, yet comfortable; it is a showcase that our friends feel so comfortable within that they aren't afraid to leave their shoes on, to prop their feet up, or to stay a long while. Lauri's greatest gift is her ability to learn who her clients are and create a space that is all about them, not one that looks like every other space in the neighborhood. Lauri judges her client's comfort in taking risks and guides her own creativity accordingly. We have worked with Lauri for a decade and hope to continue for many years to come.

- Kathi (and Greg) Holst

Lauri has helped me decorate four homes, three primary residence and one vacation home. I have received so many compliments on numerous occasions on my homes. I enjoy entertaining and have hosted many different groups of friends and each of them have commented on my decor. Lauri definitely has an eye for color and fabrics that will work in a room. She has assisted me with window treatments, furniture selection, area rugs, wall treatments/colors, lighting selection and art/furniture placement. I enjoy working with her because she understands my contemporary/transitional style and is also budget conscious. I highly recommend Lauri and that is why I have continued to use her services move after move!

- Kari (and Nick) Galassi